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Kinner Airplane & Motor Corporation

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Kinner Airplane & Motor Corp was an airplane and engine manufacturer, founded in Glendale, California by Bert Kinner in the mid-1920s. It went bankrupt in 1937 and the aircraft rights were sold to Timm Aircraft Co. The engine department was rearranged as Kinner Motor Inc in 1938. In 1946 the story ended.

Aircraft designs

  • 2pOB kinner's first plane, built around 1919, before he founded the company. The first flight with the plane was also the manufacturer's first time airborne.
  • K1 Airster, from around 1920, powered by a 3 cylinder radial engine of 66 hp. Known to be the first plane Amelia Earhart owned. Later specimens nicknamed "Crackerbox" for its plywood fuselage.
  • Airster 3pOB, 1927, fitted with a Template:Convert engine. Known also as K3 and B3. Produced under license also under the name Crown B3
  • Argonaut 4pCB, 1924, produced one off for a certain customer. had a Template:Convert Renault V8 engine and a very roomy cabin. Became popular for airborne marriages and nicknamed "Honeymoon Express".
  • Courier 1928. One off. Template:Convert K-2 engine. Wings foldable for suiting into garage. Pictures hint that it is still around somewhere.
  • Sportster K-1 and B-1, 1933, with a 5-cylinder radial engine of Template:Convert to Template:Convert. Became rather popular and sold in some dozen pcs. A few of them still flying. The Kinner K-5 and B-5 engines were also delivered to a wide variety of other aircraft manufacturers including Monocoupe, Waco, St. Louis Car Company, and Fleet. The design later evolved into the Security Aircraft Company Airster.
  • Sportwing B-2, 1933, after the bancrupcy sold as Timm 2SA.
  • Playboy R-1, 1933, two-seat sports monoplane.
  • Envoy C-7, 1934 with Template:Convert Kinner C-7 engine. With room for 4 persons it was sold to the US Navy as XRK-1, and there in use well into the 40's. This was the last production model of the Kinners.

Engine designs

Kinner B-5
125 hp (93 kW) radial engine
Kinner K-5
100 hp (75 kW) radial engine
Kinner R-5
160 hp (119 kW) radial engine
Kinner C-7
340 hp (254 kW) radial engine, military designation R-1044-2.


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