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Glasflügel H-101

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H-101 Salto
H101 Salto.jpg
Type designation H-101
Competition class N/A
Number built
Crew 1
Length 5.95 m
Cockpit width
Cockpit height
Wingspan 13.6 m
Wing area 8.58 m²
Aspect ratio
Wing profile FX 66-17 AII-182
Empty mass
Maximum mass 280 kg
Wing loading 32.6 kg/m²
Maximum speed 280 km/h
Speed in turbulence
Maneuver speed 160 km/h
Minimum sink rate ca. 0.7 m/s at 72 km/h
Best glide ratio ca. 34 at 90 km/h
Acceleration limits +7 / -5 g

The Salto is an aerobatic glider of glass composite construction, developed by Ursula Hänle from the Standard Libelle. The first flight of the prototype took place in March 6, 1970.


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