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Klimov VK-106

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The Klimov VK-106 was an experimental liquid-cooled V-12 piston aircraft engine intended for Soviet aircraft during World War II.


With the VK-105PF2 exhausting the potential of the M-105, Klimov designed a new VK-106 engine in 1943. Since air combat on the Eastern Front took place primarily at medium altitudes (under 4,000 m {13,000 ft}), the new engine was built specifically for peak performance at those altitudes with a reduced compression ratio and a single-speed supercharger. Although reliable and easily installed in M-105-powered aircraft, VK-106 did not enter production because it differed from M-105 enough to require new tooling, and Soviet engine factories at the time lacked the capacity to produce another design. Like M-105P, VK-106P could house an autocannon in the "vee" between the cylinder banks.

Specifications (VK-106P)


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