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Jonkers JS-1 Revelation

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Jonkers JS-1
Type designation JS-1
Competition class 18 metre
Crew 1
Length m
Height m
Cockpit width m
Cockpit height m
Wingspan 18 m
Wing area 11.2 m²
Aspect ratio 28.8
Wing profile JS-02-127 T12 with 6 variations along wing
Empty mass kg
Water ballast 200 kg
Maximum mass 600 kg
Wing loading 31.2 - 53.3 kg/m²
Maximum speed 290 km/h
Rough air speed 198 km/h
Stall speed km/h
Minimum sink rate m/s
Best glide ratio 53

The JS-1 Revelation is a 18 metre class glider built of glass-fibre, carbon fibre and Kevlar. The manufacturer is Jonkers Sailplanes of Potchefstroom South Africa, founded in 2004 by two brothers, Attie and Uys Jonkers. The designer is Attie Jonker, while the airfoil was developed by Johan Bosman in co-operation with the TU Delft. The wing has full-span flaps, an elliptical planform and uses winglets. It is in 4 pieces, each tip is 1.5 metres.

Two novel features are:

  • a double-hole blowing/suction system in the wings to minimise drag. The two rows of blow holes on the lower surface prevent turbulent flow at specific locations for different flap settings, thus reducing drag
  • a jet engine for the self-sustaining version. A self launching version is to be developed.

The first flight of the JS-1 was on 12 December 2006. After certification, series production of the JS-1 Revelation is expected to start at the end of 2007.