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Alisport Silent 2 Targa

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Silent 2 Targa
A Silent 2 Targa will be owner getting cockpit feel.
Type designation Silent 2 Targa pure
Competition class FAI Ultralight Class
Number built ca. 80
Crew 1
Length 6.35 m (20.8 ft)
Height 1.25 m (4.1 ft)
Cockpit width 0.63 m (2.1 ft)
Cockpit height 0.91 m (3 ft)
Wingspan 13.3 m (43.6 ft)
Wing area 8.9 m² (95.7 sq ft)
Aspect ratio 20.0
Wing profile IMD 050 (16%)
Empty mass 135 kg (298 lb)
Maximum mass 300 kg (661 lb)
Wing loading 34 kg/m² (6.96 lb/sq ft)
Maximum speed 220 km/h (119 knots)
Speed in rough air 150 km/h (81 knots)
Stall speed 64 km/h (35 knots)
Minimum sink rate 0.60 m/s at 85 km/h
(118 ft/min at 46 knots)
Best glide ratio 40 at 90 km/h (49 knots)
30 at 120 km/h (65 knots)
20 at 150 km/h (81 knots)
Roll rate 4 s at 80 km/h (43 knots)
-45° to +45° bank

The Silent 2 Targa is a single seater sailplane of Italian manufacture. It is of the FAI type Ultralight Class glider. It is sold by Alisport ready-to-fly or kit-built as pure glider or self-launching glider. The self-launching version can be fitted with a single-blade propeller belt-driven by a two-stroke engine or with a double-blade folding propeller directly-drived by an electric motor.

Design and construction

  • The fuselage is carbon and glass fiber composite with epoxy resin.
  • The wings have an elliptical planform, vertical or elliptical design winglets. The wing structure includes extensive use of carbon fiber, both in the sandwich skins and in the tapered I-beam wing spar which uses pultruded carbon rods for the spar caps.
  • The wing geometry is notable in that it varies non-linearly from the root to the tip, both in overall planform shape and in wing section profile.
  • The flaperons stretch for 11.0 meters of the full wingspan and their range of motion varies from positive landing L +8°, to +4° for thermalling, to 0°, -4°, and S -8° reflex positions for cruising.
  • Schempp-Hirth-type spoilers extend on the upper wing surface only.
  • The sailplane is trimmed in pitch via an innovative variable-position horizontal stabilizer. The stabilizer position is governed by the flaperon setting. The five settings of the flaperons control produce corresponding changes to the stabilizer incidence, thus defining the trim airspeed in relation to the flaperons requirements. The conventional elevator remains in trail, minimizing trim drag.
  • Fixed or retractable main wheel behind the pilot, with shock absorber and drum brake activated via spoiler control lever aft travel.

Safety and operational qualities

  • The Silent 2 Targa has extremely light ailerons, light elevator, generous rudder. The roll rate is quick because of the lively feel of the ailerons.
  • Stall is predictable and recovery simple. In level flight as airspeed is reduced when approaching the stall speed the sailplane vibrate a little, at this point decreasing the angle of attack results in airspeed increase and normal flight resume, from a climbing attitude the sailplane stall decisively, the nose pitch down gently and recovery is easy with stick forward.
  • Spin entry is obvious and recovered with rudder and stick.


There are three versions of the Silent Gliders.
The Silent Club version has 12 meter wingspan.
The Silent 2 version has 13 meter wingspan.
The Silent 2 Targa version 13.3 meter wingspan and a special elevator.