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Boeing C-33

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The Boeing C-33 is the US military designation for Boeing 747-400 series intended to augment the C-17 Globemaster III fleet, but the plan was cancelled in favor of purchasing additional C-17s.


The C-33 was to be operated by Air National Guard, but the plan was cancelled.

Advantages and disadvantages of a C-33 fleet

The Boeing C-33 has several advantages over the existing C-17 fleet [1]:

  • The cost of purchasing was lower than that of C-17.
  • It has a much longer range, allowing it to fly halfway around the world with refueling, giving it a lower ground time.

However, the C-17 has several advantages:

  • There was no need for cargo to be palleted, allowing for transport of tanks and Patriot missiles.
  • Operation was possible from much shorter or rugged airstrips.
  • While the capital cost of purchasing a larger fleet to handle the same amount of cargo is higher, the operating cost is significantly lower.


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